How To Memorize Periodic Table?

Periodic Table at Your FingerTips
Periodic Table at Your FingerTips

Periodic Table at Your FingerTips

       Every Science student asks his/her Science teacher about ‘How to memorize the periodic table?’ But they don’t get any satisfactory answer from them.

The same question haunted me for many years in my life. I studied chemistry for more than 10 years as a student and then I taught chemistry to students for more than 15 years. During this long time interval of my teaching career I observed that science students try their best to memorise the periodic table. They stare mindlessly at periodic table for hours and repeat atomic numbers and name of elements endlessly like a crazy person. But even after their best efforts they are unable to memorise the periodic table. Periodic table is like a jumbled puzzle of letters or symbols for them. There is no relationship between the elements in the periodic table. So they try to memorize it by cramming. This method takes very long time. It becomes very boring and repetitive process. So, most of the students fail to do so and very quickly they forget the sequence of elements they memorised. Ultimately they assume that there is no possible way to memorise the periodic table on this earth. Periodic table becomes the toughest nut for them to crack.

So, I decided to solve this problem of science students and help them in memorizing the periodic table without cramming. I started work on different strategies that can help me in memorizing the periodic table in very short time interval and that too permanently. After years of hard work, labour and research, I developed a system that helped me and my students to memorise the periodic table in just few minutes.

For that you only need to understand that how your memory works? You will realize that there is a much quicker and easy solution to your problem. You need to only understand this fact that your memory is visual in nature. Kindly note again Your Memory is Visual in Nature. Don’t you believe that? Let’s do an activity to understand the above fact. If I say you to close your eyes and think about an elephant, what thing comes to your mind? Does your mind think of an elephant or spellings of word elephant?


If your answer is option (1) i.e. picture of elephant, then what does this suggests? What conclusion can be drawn from this mental exercise? From this exercise we can conclude that our memory is predominantly visual in nature. Whatever stuff we memorise, we memorise it in the form of pictures. Due to this reason students in primary schools are taught alphabets of a language with the help of pictures. The brain of these young kids first memorise the pictures and then in the second step memorise the alphabets. Same principle of psychology is applied here while creating this book. This book is based on the principle of visual memory.

Your mind has astonishing power to look at a picture and remember it. If you use this wonderful tool of your mind you can easily memorise and recall the entire elements name and their atomic numbers. You only need to activate your visual memory to memorize the periodic table.

This can be done by reading this very innovative book titled ‘Periodic Table at Your Fingertips’. This book contains an image being drawn on each page related with atomic number and name of an element. When you will see an image, your mind will automatically link the name of the element to its atomic number. In this way very quickly you will memorise all the elements in the periodic table. Once you memorised the periodic table, I bet you will not forget it in your whole life.

In this book every element of the periodic table is illustrated with the help of a picture. These pictures are drawn on the basis of uses, sources or names of elements. Each picture of elements contains a number in it. In some pictures the number is clearly visible whereas in some pictures the number is hidden. So, it is made visible by drawing an outline in the picture. This number represents the atomic number of that particular element.

For example,

  1. The atomic number of Fluorine is 9. This can be memorized from the well-known fact that Fluorine is an important constituent of toothpastes. This picture shows toothpaste applied on a toothbrush. The outline of this picture is in the form of number 9. This picture shows that atomic number of element fluorine is 9.


  2. Similarly, The atomic number of element Iron is 26. This can be memorized from the fact that Iron metal is ferromagnetic in nature i.e. it is strongly attracted towards magnets. In this picture two iron nails are making number 26 by sticking to a horse shoe shaped magnet and a regular round magnet. This picture shows that the atomic number of element iron is 26.


To memorize atomic number of 5 more elements of periodic table, see this Free preview of my book titled ‘Periodic Table At Your Fingertips’. With the help of this preview you can easily memorize the elements of periodic table. Try it.

Periodic Table at Your FingerTips

If you can memorize 5 elements after watching this presentation for a few minutes, imagine how quickly you'll memorize ALL Natural elements (from atomic number 1- 92) in the periodic table.

Yes, you can really memorize the periodic table in just 92 Minutes!

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‘Periodic table at your fingertips’ also offers a great amount of information about the facts of each element like, vital facts of each element, elemental properties, use of each element along with coloured pictures. Here is a preview of what you will learn when you buy this book.

  1. You will learn strategies to memorize atomic numbers of elements without pneumonic.

  2. You will learn important facts related with each element such as atomic mass, atomic mass, electronic configuration, valency, oxidation states, allotropes, isotopes, alloys, name of discoverer, unique properties and their uses.

  3. This book is very useful for students studying in 9th, 10th, 10 + 1 and 10 + 2 (Medical and Non-Medical).

  4. This book is beneficial for pre-medical and pre-engineering students as it contains previous year MCQs from IIT, JEE, AIEEE, CPMT, NEET and other Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams.

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Still not believing???

Watch this video and see how easily this 10th grade Science student learnt all the techniques about how to memorize the periodic table and memorized it.

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Interview of Author Rajan Gupta at All India Radio - Audio (Punjabi)