Book: Periodic Table At Your FingerTips

Periodic Table at Your FIngerTips
Periodic Table at Your FIngerTips
Book Description:

       Periodic table is the base of chemistry education. As learning of alphabets is essential to learn a language similarly learning periodic table is very important to learn Chemistry. Without learning and memorizing periodic table, it is very difficult to understand and learn Chemistry subject. Periodic table at your fingertips is a unique book that teach methods to memorize atomic numbers of elements to students in a very short time interval of just 92 minutes. This book is a great helping tool for pre-medical and pre-engineering students and also for students studying in 9th, 10th, 10+1 and 10+2 (Medical and Non-Medical).

Periodic Table at Your FingerTips

       Periodic table at your fingertips is based on the principal of visual memory. This book contains an image being drawn on each page related with atomic number and name of an element. When you will see an image, your mind will automatically link the name of the element to its atomic number. In this way very quickly you will memorize atomic numbers of all the elements in the periodic table.

       Periodic table at your fingertips also offers a great amount of information about the facts of each element. Like, some vital facts about elements, elemental properties, uses of each element along with pictures, Previous year questions based on each element and many more useful things.
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Periodic Table at Your FIngerTips
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Book Description:

  • Number of pages: 215
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  • Published by: SSR Innovation Lab Pvt. Ltd.
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Periodic table at your fingertips;
  • lays strong foundation for chemistry education.
  • covers important facts related with elements useful in exams.
  • is useful for pre-medical and pre-engineering students.
  • contains previous year MCQs from IIT, JEE, AIEEE, CPMT & other competitive exams.

Interview of Author Rajan Gupta at All India Radio - Audio (Punjabi)