CRB Tech :- Do They Provide Best Training With 100% Job?

The main objective of this blog is to review CRB Tech, who happens to be a veteran in the training and placement domain. But before beginning with that, we will see a few things regarding corporate training.

Corporate training has seen a sea of change over the recent few years. Earlier, it was just about providing training to the candidates. Especially, for the freshers who are looking for a job. Then came the corporate angle wherein training was provided in the corporate real-time environment. That includes aspects such as infrastructure, industry experienced trainers, practical based training and so on. These are the aspects on which majority of the training institutes focus.

  • How does corporate training benefit?

Majority of the employers in the current scenario experience the ill effects of a skills gap. What's more, many organizations claim that it takes a substantial 3-5 years to create a productive professional for them. This implies that organizations need to train, retrain, and mutually educate employees and managers to facilitate their growth. Over here, we are primarily talking about the freshers.

Now, that's quite a substantial investment on the part of the employers in terms of money and more importantly time. Taking into consideration their other endeavors and tight schedules, this becomes kind of a secondary task for them. That's where they look for a collaboration with corporate training partners. These partners provide training in particular to the freshers, to make them industry ready. That saves time, efforts and money on the part of employers.

While on the part of candidates, they are well prepared right before they start working in the corporate environment.

In short, such corporate trainers facilitate a win-win situation, both for the companies and the job seekers.

CRB tech is one such training and placement company who took all this to the next level. What is it? In order to understand, we would like to review CRB Tech....

  • CRB Tech: The makings of a corporate training facilitator:

CRB tech happens to be one such Corporate training and placement facilitators. Evolving all through these years as far as training and placement is concerned, CRB Tech has reached where it is today. No wonder, thousands of students have written reviews on CRB Tech, in the form of feedback.

Well, placement becomes a key factor when any student thinks about joining an advanced corporate level training programme. Many a times, it becomes the decisive factor as far as joining or not joining is concerned. CRB TECH scores over other training and placement institutes, right here! But how?

That's because, CRBtech provides “100% placement guarantee” to its candidates. Whereas, majority of other institutes provide job assistance only. This is what we call, taking to the next level!

A training programme with a 100% placement guarantee is what makes CRB tech, a leader in this particular domain. Numerous CRB Tech candidate testimonials, are a proof of this.

• Stand Out offerings From CRB tech:

- 100% placement guarantee:

             Thanks to its association with the leaders and pioneers of the industry, does it provide a 100% job guarantee to all its trainees. Many candidates have benefited from the same.

Some of its placement clients include names like:

- Quick Heal
- NeoSoft Technologies
- Eternus Solutions
- Capgemini
- PubMatic

Just to name a few...for more you can visit their placement clients page.

  • Training of highest standards:

The training programme syllabus at CRB Tech is designed and updated regularly by the experienced faculty, keeping in mind the needs of the industry. Also, the trainers bring in their years of industry experience, as they conduct the training sessions. This helps the students big time. Not just from the learning perspective, but in other aspects as well.

The evaluation and feedback process that is carried out on a regular basis, ensures that training of highest quality and standards is provided to the trainees.

In addition to this, CRB tech is known for developing the optimum learning atmosphere for the candidates, so that their grasping power increases many folds. The friendly bond that the faculties create with the candidates proves to be helpful for the students to be extremely open about their queries and doubts.

CRB Tech thus becomes a favored choice for numerous students for providing the much needed boost to their careers. It is reflected from the numerous feedbacks of students.

  • Foreign Language Coaching:

             This is one of the salient features of CRB's training programme. CRB provides coaching in German language to its students. This becomes an additional skill-set for them to include in their resumes. Knowing a foreign language like German, opens the door of abroad job opportunities for them. In fact, couple of students got a job in Germany based companies.

Such foreign language training is usually not provided in rest of the training institutes. Their focus is only on core domain training. See the difference?

Such factors help training service providers like CRB, to outscore others.

  • Soft Skills training:

             Employing organizations don't just look for technical or domain related skills in an interviewee. In current circumstances, the soft skills aspect also holds equal importance. In fact, a tag more. The reason behind this is that employees need to frequently communicate with foreign clients/partners etc. In that case, the communication needs to be impeccable. Especially, your English communication. Likewise, the internal communication between teams etc. is implicit. Here we are addressing both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Apart from this, soft-skills also involves self grooming and overall personality development.

Most of the students are found lacking in the soft-skills aspect. You won't believe, it costs them their job during interviews! The sad truth!

Taking into consideration all these factors, CRB integrated the soft-skills module into their training and placement programme. It is found to benefit the candidates big time. This fact has been accepted in student testimonials, on their YouTube channel.

To summarize, we saw the evolution of corporate training over the years, followed by its benefits, what makes a corporate training facilitator and finally, what CRB has to offer being a pioneer in this field.

After reviewing all the above factors, we can definitely conclude that CRB Tech is one of the best training and placement institutes in India.

You can check out their reviews on multiple popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.